2012 - I'd Like To Thank...You - Yes, You

If you're reading this, this post is dedicated to you - and I say that with all sincerity because NO ONE reads this blog by chance. People don't just stumble in here via search and say "Hmm, this Ford Forkum is a delightful chap, think I'll subscribe to the blog." I'd be a bulb-skulled butthead from the Inter-dimensional Hatch Of Boobies to believe such babble bereft of basis.

No, you're reading this because you're a special person with whom I have something vital in common. We're kids on the same playground who have found each other. Believe it or not, I've been looking for you for a long time. I'd have no reason to create and nothing to share if it weren't for you, and your sharing with me has filled a space in my life that was empty, but reserved for what you would bring. 

Earlier this year, I planted a seed. I've sown seeds in many other climates and soils, and have seen destruction in the form of weeds, pests, and lingering coldness. But this year, I finally have a healthy plant that has survived the most fragile period of its growth, thanks to your persistent light. I propose we continue to shining our individual shades of light each others way, and by doing so, cultivate a garden of exotic wonder.

Woah...I kind of lost myself as I was writing this. Anyway, thanks for being there and for being here. As 2013 approaches, I have to restock my toolshed with useful abstractions.  And so, I wish you a happy, prosperous, enlightening, and fulfilling 2013 with at least 23% fewer boogers.