The ROFLcopter Approaches...

Here comes the ROFLcopter!

I like the spinning LOL thing on the back. Gives it an extra touch of class. Anyway, seeing how it's almost Christmas, I thought I'd write a verse to express my thoughts on the past couple of days...

On the web, I was rankin'
At the ebb, sales are tankin'
A beautiful plight
To sell what I write
Hawking in a Kindle Wonderland


Well, hopefully I'll be able to reach more readers this labor day weekend. In fact I'm sure of it. Best of all, it will be part of an effort to support diabetes awareness!



  1. Did you make that ROFL-copter, or did you steal it from someone (like I just have from you)? That's pretty funny. I remember when I first became active on-line that there was a lot of really wonderful ASCII-art out there to be found. I've never been able to do more than the very simplest stuff - I'm simply not an artist - but I've always admired it.

  2. Hi Katy. I didn't make that, but I didn't steal it, and neither did you. It's public domain. I know there's a whole lot of iffy stuff out there in terms of copyright, so I play it safe.

    In case you've never seen it (I've never watched the whole thing) but I consider the ASCII rendering of Star Wars to be one of the most incredible things ever. Just to watch the first few minutes and know the entire movie was done this way is just mind-boggling.